Crestline / Vetter Sash Replacements 1964-2006

Rebuilding yesterdays windows with today's technology will not just make your window
look like new, but will actually improve the
thermo efficiency to meet today's tough standards. 

Redesigned Sash with energy efficient glass can lower energy bills by reducing heat loss and cooling cost. All this can be done at an affordable cost.

Redesigned Window Brands;
Crestline Windows, Vetter Windows, Kolbe Windows, Norco Windows, and more.

           Double Hung and SlideBy

Crestline DH and Slider Sash Replacements 1964-1989  and
Crestline and Vetter DH / SB Sash Replacements 1989-1996
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Installation of Wood / Clad Replacement sashes.
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        Casement  Sash Replacements

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  Crestline Prime Casement -         Model 101
             Produced   1964-1981

  Crestline Clad /Prime Casement - Model 112
             Produced    1981-1992

  Vetter Clad / Prime Casement – Model 201
             Produced    1979-1989

  Crestline /Vetter Clad / Prime Casement                         Produced    1990-2006    Model 312 
New Sash Interior View 112
New Sash Exterior View 112
Interior View of old 112 Requiring Replacement
Exterior View of Old 112 Version
         Rebuilding Yesterdays Windows with Today's Technology.
tCustom Machining  Replacement Wood parts for most window brands available